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Size (UK & AU)

Have you already thought about the dramatic consequences of a serious foot injury?

Have you ever experienced drama during construction?

These lightweight, indestructible safety shoes are made from the toughest material on the planet to withstand any damage. They are perfect for men and women, for working conditions, or for intense outdoor activities.

Whether you are in the construction industry or simply a hard worker, your feet are absolutely vulnerable to violent shocks and account for most of the injuries that can cause you to stop working for several months!

Designed to last and face all possible obstacles on a construction site, these safety shoes offer protection and comfort, thanks to their patented mesh design and Ultra Shield technology.

Today, protective shoes are still much neglected because of their uncomfortable design or their total lack of style...

That time is over! These designer shoes are among the most durable and comfortable on the market. They have raised their hand in our multiple tests (hammer blow, nails, wet ground...). They are both agile, robust, and design, what more could you ask for?

Safety shoe features:

  • Non-slip sole: oil-resistant, non-slip sole means you will always stay on your feet and your feet will be safe in any situation.
  • Low-cut style: these are not your grandfather's work shoes, they are very stylish.
  • Breathable and lightweight: they are very light, you feel like you are not wearing shoes.
  • Puncture-proof base: the sole has a bullet-proof metal base, so even your nails won't be able to get through it.
  • Collision-proof steel toe caps: whether it's a brick or a truck tire - the construction - with steel toe caps will keep your nails safe from shattering or breaking.



Size UK & AU Size EU Heel to Toe (inch)
5.5 39 9.65
6.5 40 9.84
7 41 10.04
8 42 10.24
9 43 10.43
9.5 44 10.63
10 45 10.83
11 46 11.02
12 47 11.22
13 48 11.42


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